Six Months Old

Last month, we rented out a studio and held eight photography sessions in a single day. We’re excited to share some of the first photos from this (admittedly crazy) day. Meet Stella. She’s six months old and in awe of the world. We can’t blame her!


Cameras are funny looking when they’re in your face


Tutus & giggles


This dress was her favorite because it came with built in chew toys!


Little baby, big city


Om nom nom


Happiness is a chubby baby

Sarah and Dannie Levine-Moore have been taking photos of their world, clients, each other, and their dogs for years. They love to work together to get the shots you can’t get with just one photographer, and as partners in business as well as life, their shoots are smooth and easy. They specialize in portraits, pets, fashion, weddings, and events.

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  1. dannie54 May 19, 2017

    This little one is so adorable. The world IS awe-inspiring when you’re itty bitty like that. Can’t wait to cuddle her soon.



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