How to Dress for a Head Shot Session

This was originally posted on our old website but it was so popular we decided to repost! Our tips and tricks for dressing for a head shot session.
So you’ve decided to update your head shot. Great! Before you meet with your photographer, here are a few tricks on how to dress for your best head shot.
1. Hair. Your hairstyle should look like you but not detract from your face. Wear it in a way you would wear for an interview, styled and pulled away from your face. Long hair should be at least partially down so your photographer can arrange it to best suite your face and lighting.
2. Clothes. Solid colors are usually best. Pick a tone that flatters your skin color and that lays nicely across your shoulders. There’s usually a jewel tone that flatters you and they photograph well. Unless it’s specifically needed that the shirt be black or white, it’s not advised. Solid black is often good for musicians, but most other professions like to see a bit of color. Even a suit is best with a light blue shirt under it so as not to wash out your face. If you like the white and black of a shirt and jacket, try adding a tie that flatters your natural coloring.
3. Make-up. Natural is best. If you like to wear make up, then your head shot should show you in your every day look. Tons of extra color or lines will take away from the photo and it won’t represent you well, which is the point of a head shot!
4. Jewelry. Keep it simple. A small earring, an inch long or smaller, is a great touch in a head shot, but big earrings will pull the focus away from your face. Same goes for large necklaces. If small jewelry isn’t your thing, that’s fine, but go with a less attention-grabbing piece from your collection.
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